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tribal wool fall coatWith clothing brands that appeal to younger women such as c’est moi and Point Zero; to more mature lines such as Cartise, Frank Lyman, Pretty Women, and Tribal; the selections seem endless! If we don’t have what you are looking for in stock, Cheryl will go out of her way to order it for you – sometimes within two days! It is also very important to Cheryl to buy Canadian whenever possible. It is very rewarding to be able to see the clothing she stands behind being produced first-hand; it really speaks to quality and ethics.


cartise jeans and frank lyman valure hoodie
Jeans by Cartise and a Frank Lyman Velour Hoodie

frank lyman glittery top christmas parties
Holiday Party Top from Frank Lyman

joseph ribkoff holiday cardigan
Joseph Ribkoff Holiday Cartigan

joseph ribkoff fall jackets
Joseph Ribkoff Fall Jackets and Purse

About our Clothing Lines

Point Zero – We love Point Zero for the simple fact that it is always cute and affordable. It is one of our most extensive lines because it consists of staple basics, work-appropriate options and lots of colour! Customers return every year for the fit of their pants, capris and jeggings.

Tribal – An industry-leading casual line with excellent quality, a variety of fabrics and a fit that cannot be beat. Tribal is based in Montreal, QC. Tribal makes putting an outfit together easy, as all of their pieces look fabulous together. They really do a great job at coordinating their outfits and cloth stocks a lot of it!

Pretty Woman – This is a must have for women with curves. This is probably our most flattering line due to the fabric and cuts, especially tops and dresses. Lots of colour. Incredible travel pieces. Sized to 2XL.

Outdoor Survival Canada – Canadian made -40 degree coats for men and women! The perfect combination of function and style. It is amazing how flattering a goose-down stuffed parka can be. We stock all colours and sizes every year. The manufacturers is so confident of their durability, they come with a lifetime warranty!

Fresh Fx – The Fresh Fx line provides our statement pieces. Fresh Fx has put art and fabrics together to create very unique tops that stand apart from the rest.

Up! Pants – Up! Pants are now our customers’ favourite line of pants. Great fabrics and prints with a built-in tummy tuck that’s instantly flattering on anybody. A must have for everyone!

bella italian sweater and freshfx sweaterBella Sweater Made in Italy and FreshFX Sweater

unique coats from joseph ribkoff
Unique Coats from Joseph Ribkoff

point zero cartigan and papillon tunic
Point Zero Cartigan and Papillon Tunic

tribal jeans and freshfc dress
Stiched Tribal Jeans and FreshFX Dress

Joseph Ribkoff – Joseph Ribkoff is one of our best sellers. This Canadian made collection is spectacular. Fun, bright colours makes statement pieces for summer. Have a special occasion? Joseph Ribkoff dresses are beautiful!

Frank Lyman – We are very excited to be caring Frank Lyman fashions. This very charming and unique collection is made in Canada.

Papillon – Papillon tops and dresses are all about colour. They put artwork on fabrics that are sure to make heads turn. 

Cartise – Canadian-made line to make you look sophisticated and sexy at the same time! From dresses to pants to tops, Cartise is the go-to line for any special occasion.

Angela Mara – An Italian line of very pretty feminine tops that are always one step ahead of Canadian fashion. It looks posh but very affordable. Sells fast so hurry in!

frank lyman top and joseph ribkoff purse
Frank Lyman Top and Joseph Ribkoff Purse

Puffer Coat from Soia and Kyo
Puffer Coat from Soia & Kyo

artistic prints and colourful capes
Artistic Prints and Colourful Capes

tribal sweater and joseph ribkoff purse
Tribal Sweater and Joseph Ribkoff Purse

Papa Fashions – Fun, flattering, affordable and sizes for everyone. If you like colour, this line is for you! Customers are loving the natural fibres in their cotton that make it extremely comfortable and soft.

Soia & Kyo – Canadian-designed coats that flatter all women. If you want to look good and be warm this fall/winter you must try these coats on. We offer a great selection of dress coats and down-filled options. Love! Love!

Columbia – Quality you can trust!! Winter coats and sportswear to help us celebrate the great outdoors in comfort and warmth. Columbia offers performance clothing with technical fabrics that have functions such as wicking away moisture and reflecting your heat within.

Red Coral – Don’t miss out on this line that sells out very quickly. Its flattering shapes and wide range of colours is attractive on the body and kind on the wallet.

We stock more than clothes!